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Head office: Tehran, Jalal Al-Ahmad, under the bridge of Nasr, opposite the University of Management Management, Parvaneh Alley 2, 4
Phone: 9821-88008565
Factory: Hashtgerd Industrial Park Hashtgerd Phase 4 units 21

Mahgol’s Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable health and food safety and continuously improve our products with high quality and high nutritional value. During many years, Moghlah has gained valuable and valuable experience in producing unique products in order to satisfy the needs of its customers, while benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of experienced experts and engineers in the production of vegetable oil using the best raw materials in line with the technology of the day. The world, the first need for a healthy community, which is the guarantee of quality and safety of food, has set all its goals.

About Mahgol

Behineh Wazin Inc. commenced on research and development program to produce margarine in 1997 in Iran. Finally, in 1999 the first margarine under "Mahgol" brand was available for sale in Iran's market. Mahgol was the first margarine ever produced in Iran, and soon it found a share in the daily basket of Iranian families. Soon enough, Mahgol, as a pioneer in margarine production, institutionalized on changing the traditional culture of using fat-in particular, margarine. Later, Behineh Wazin Inc. started to produce whipping cream and semi-fat spread butter which quickly became popular in the market. Behineh Wazin also holds international certificates such as HACCP, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and Halal International Certificate.