Mahgol margarine enriched with vitamin D3

According to recent investigations, it is recommended to intake nearly 25-30% calorie from fats. Overall, it is recommended to increase the volume of vegetable based and unsaturated fatty acids on diet and avoid animal fat consumption as they contain saturated fatty acids, causing high cholesterol level in the blood and also artery diseases if over-consumed. As the first non-GMO and non-hydrogenated product in Iran, Mahgol margarine enriched with vitamin D3 – having an abundance of Omega 3 and containing Omega 9 – is produced only using liquid sunflower oil and under special production processes in Behinehwazin co. Liquid sunflower oil leads to less volume of fatty acids formation compared to other animal and vegetable based products in the market. Additionally, special packaging technology and product storage condition keep features of vitamin D3 preserved and thus direct consumption of this product in breakfast makes it easier for vitamin D3 to be absorbed more efficiently. Furthermore, vitamin D3 available in this product accelerates calcium absorption and leads to bone strength and also prevents diabetes and rickets in children, cardiovascular diseases and depression in adults.

Sun Top blended spread

Sun Top blended spread containing 60% fat, a combination of butter and sunflower oil, can be used in breakfast as well as in cooking like other Dairy products in Iranian culture. This product has suitable texture, spreadability and desirable natural butter’s taste and aroma. As a health-based product, Sun Top spread butter contains 50% saturated fats compared to similar products. This product contains essential vitamins A & D, boosting body immune system and can be used in children, juveniles and adults’ nutritional plan who have higher body activity. Moreover, high volume of calcium available in this product can be used for bone growth and healthy teeth. Behinehwazin (the first margarine and blended spread producer in Iran), has taken the first step in production of health-based products in the country and also would be pioneer in new approach to prevent and combat cardiovascular diseases.


With desirable taste and aroma, margarine can be used in breakfast, restaurants and food centers. This product contains protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D, making its nutrition value improved.


As healthy product, it is exactly the same as butter with decreased fat content, similar quality and butter taste. Spread butter can be suitable for breakfast regarding the less calorie and based on the diet type.


These multipurpose products can be produced in white and yellow, characterized with well mixing ability, high plasticity, resistance and suitable texture.


This product is produced to meet the cake makers and confectionaries’ different qualitative requirements, characterized with pleasant taste and aroma, well whipping ability as well as suitable consistency & formation.